Ornamental Metalwork

Egress Window Well Grates and Ladders

We provide steel gratings for window well covers and any other open area that is exposed to foot traffic. Egress window wells need to be covered and made with access doors and ladders for exit from rooms if an emergency happens. Our gratings are made from steel bar grating and can be fabricated to fit any opening. They can be galvanized so as not to rust and also be maintenance free finished.

Fireplace Doors Fire Pit grates and More

Over the years we have been asked to make wrought iron items for the fireplace from complete chimney covers to fire pit grates and fireplace doors, our doors are made to fit any opening and condition needed. miscellaneous metalwork in New York and ornamental ironwork in New York


The furniture we make are usually one of a kind pieces specific to the clients request. Some of the items have been coffee tables, Headboards, Dinning Room Tables, Wall Vanities, TV Stands and Coat Racks to name a few.

Custom Metalwork

These are some photos of work we have made over the years to meet our clients request, Brackets, Knee Braces, Decorative Columns, Pot Racks. You can call it Artistic Blacksmiths work or just old fashioned hand made metal work....